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    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 3/8/2010, 1:32 am

    Hey Guys its IGR Samurai FM/IGR T MiNus. March is March Madness which is a basketball tournament in the NCAA. Well here in IGR There is a little Twist. In IGR March Madness' main goal is to recruit as many of your friends/family that are intrested in joining an xbox live/wii clan. As a great deal this is to our community, you maybe wondering what do i get out of it. Well there are tons of Promotions being offered through this, here's a complete break down.

    Recruit 1 Member(s):
    Receive Promotion (Applies to Recruit through Sergent)
    NOTE: May cause 3+ Master Sergents in squad which is the only way (so far to get more that 2 master sergents)

    Recruit 5 Member(s):
    You and somebody else who recruits 5 other members will receive a Captain and Lieutenant Spot and will form a new Squad in an existing clan or possibly form a new clan. (Spots will be determined by who gets to 5 first)

    Recruit 10 Member(s):
    You will receive an AUTOMATIC Captain Spot in an existing or new clan.

    Recruit 25 Member(s):
    You and somebody else will AUTOMATIC Major and General Spot in a clan. (Spots will be determined by who gets to 25 first)

    Recruit 50 Member(s):
    You will receive an AUTOMATIC General Spot and found a new clan in the IGR community.

    NOTE: Will need to talk to me or any other Mod on organizing and fixing the new clan [Banners, Names, Ordering CPT's LT's etc. to guide the new recruits]

    Recruit 100 Member(s):
    You will receeive an AUTOMATIC Regiment Leader spot, your own forum in the Regiment Leader Category of the website, and a March Madness Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, or Sports Signature made by the Design Team (Will not count against Signature image count!!!)

    NOTE: MUST TALK TO AN EXISTING MOD OR COUNCIL MEMBER to set up your regiment [Banners, Names, Ordering of Generals CPT's, LT's etc. to guide the new regiment].

    This promotion will last until the end of June which is a good three or so months to rack some new recuits in and it also covers SPRING BREAK and THE FIRST MONTH OF SUMMER VACATION!!! which are good times to get some new people in on the IGR Scene.

    See you on the BattleField



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