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The Point system has taken effect on the IGR website. Have you ever wanted the map or signatue completed but to lazy to do it? Request it and pay for it with the new IGR Points System

    Point System Introduction!!!

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    Point System Introduction!!! Empty Point System Introduction!!!

    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 5/15/2010, 4:46 am


    The Points are free. You can track your balance under your current post count.

    I have now implemented the Point system into our site and is up and operation all here is how you use it.

    1. Find the selected thread you would like to "Place a purchase" for an item like a signature or H3 Map.

    2. Fill out the specified information

    3. Contact a moderator so they can transfer the Points into the IGR PointKeeper Account.

    4. Receive requested item.

    If you do not recieve item or answer from a team member within 30 days points will be refunded and administrators will deal with the problem




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    Point System Introduction!!! Final-Boss-Userbar

    Point System Introduction!!! Rmathewsigrsig

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