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    Website updates! For 9/26/09

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    Website updates! For 9/26/09 Empty Website updates! For 9/26/09

    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 9/26/2009, 10:05 pm

    Last time i talked about many new features coming to the site. Fortunatly some of those updates happened while others i couldn't get to work Sad. So I decided to go all out since i can't really play xbox besides some saturday mornings. Hopefully you are excited about these new goodies coming to the community. First off, I made a REAL MAIN PAGE! Similar to ones on other clan websites listing the news of the clan. There you can check out some basic forum stats as well as the news, and a forumotion shop to support or websites server. There is a new feature under the search bar called "Radio". Right now its in its testing phase and it seems to be working except for a few songs. Note I will take suggestions for songs. The only down fall to this new feature is it can only be used on the homepage. Also if you didn't tune in last week the IGC Arcade has been set up currently with one game Neutral but we will be adding more and addition to that we the Arcade Techs group is taking anybody intrested in updating the arcade with new games. There are a few easter eggs on the site like the portal button. Can you find it?.. Tune in next week for the IGC Report.

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    Website updates! For 9/26/09 Final-Boss-Userbar

    Website updates! For 9/26/09 Rmathewsigrsig

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