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    Website Updates and important Info.

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    Website Updates and important Info. Empty Website Updates and important Info.

    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 11/11/2009, 9:48 pm

    You are probably looking here now because i haven't update the site since our name change. Well, i have some news. First off our name has been switched to IGR (Independent Gaming Revolution) due to some idiot yelling at me. Most of the website changes have taken place like an update from phpbb2 to phpbb3, and the site layout being different. Due to a hacker, I will not beable to finish most design work so if i owe you something wait please. Also the griffball and MLG Doubles tourney's will start the 21st after my clan meeting with Colony. There is no prize for the griffball besides a sig and a color change to orange (A different shade from Regiment Leaders Orange). and MLG Tourney gets 1600 MSP per player (You and your partner get 1600 MSP Each). Also as of yesterday, Cock of Dooty: Modern GayFuckStupid 2 hit stores across the world. Pick up your copy because i freakin' know im not unless my brother gets it. (THE ONLY REASON WHY I HAVE CALL OF DUTY 4 if you are wondering lol.) So yup, pretty much. Also if you are intrested in Applying for a team in IGR Drop an app in one of the Team Forums. Thanks Smile

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