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Welcome to Independent Gaming Revolution where we are changing the image of Modern Day Gamers. If you are already registered sign in, if you are not sign up to day and join one of our many clan usergroups found in the "Usergroups" category.
The Point system has taken effect on the IGR website. Have you ever wanted the map or signatue completed but to lazy to do it? Request it and pay for it with the new IGR Points System

    Website Updates 12/06/09

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    Website Updates 12/06/09 Empty Website Updates 12/06/09

    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 12/6/2009, 5:19 pm


    I forgot to say this last time lol. uses the same Username and Passworld as No need to re-register. Due to legal issues we had to change our name. Wink

    Today in the IGR World we are Currently 2 closing into 3 Clans Strong. Thanks go's out to all of you guys. Its probably been a month since I've last updated the site so heres everything thats happened since Early November til' now. I have officially finished the banners (almost is still gotta do the team ones lol). The music playlist on the "IGR Centre" page is gonna get changed into Holiday music since its December and will stay until Late January. Our Clan bio is finally available and it's listed in the "Clan Rules" section of our site.

    Hello, I am a(n) INSERT RANK NAME HERE of Independent Gaming Revolution. If you are wondering what Independent Gaming Revolution is it a gaming community with the common goal of revising the image of modern day gaming. We have many clans and teams involving design to forge to news. If you think you are up to the task of being in IGR? Come join today by sending me a message or signning up on Thanks and have a great day.

    Continuing on now, Design, Forge, Arcade Techs will also start having meetings @ TBA over weekends.


    ~IGR Report.


    News team: Leader
    Forge team: Leader
    Design team: Leader
    Arcade tech: Leader

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