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    Banner Voting!!!

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    Banner Voting!!! Empty Banner Voting!!!

    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 9/9/2009, 11:21 pm

    As i said before!

    For the months assosiated with BIG Holidays like Thanksgiving Christmas etc. we will be having themed banners as well as the site colors changing with the holidays. here is what will be happening. Will not take effect untill October so there will be no madden theme for September 2009.

    Januray: New Years Gears of War 2 theme
    Febuary: None (Valentines day varies as a holiday in my opinion)
    March: Easter - Master Cheif Theme (Easter Varies from March to April i just found that out...)
    April: Easter - Master Cheif Theme (Easter Varies from March to April i just found that out...)
    May: None
    June: School Ending: Beach Theme
    July: 4th of July - MLB 2K theme
    August: None
    September: Football Theme - Madden theme
    October: Halloween - Halo themed
    November: Thanksgiving - Call of Duty themed
    December: Christmas - I will make a "Wish List" thread toward the end of November all you will have to do is list some VIDEO GAMES that look good and i will make a banner with atleast an image from every title listed.

    So vote on the New Halloween Banner in the design team forum.

    Thanks Guys,

    ~ Samurai


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