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» Independent Gaming Revolution
by IGR Relapse Fm 7/26/2011, 1:48 am

» Hyperion Gaming
by IGR Relapse Fm 7/26/2011, 1:48 am

» Its IGR~Hazzard Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by IGR Relapse Fm 11/28/2010, 3:20 pm

» November Updates
by IGR Relapse Fm 11/2/2010, 10:38 pm

» Legend is moving
by IGR~Legend iF 10/23/2010, 10:13 am



Independent Gaming Revolution

1/11/2010, 10:37 pm by IGR Relapse Fm


Welcome to the Revolution of Modern Day Gaming. Here in Independent Gaming Revolution we are constantly at work changing the world around us and its views on gaming and its counterparts. We will be your hosts in this world shaped by some hidden talent in the Halo and Call of Duty worlds. Join us and our many teams like Forge, Design, News Team, and our Elite …

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Hyperion Gaming

7/26/2011, 1:48 am by IGR Relapse Fm

Just a reminder to go to to get our newest experience. IGR will be closed due to a lack of effort to keep up and running from the community. In xHG we will be bridging the gap with PC as well as xBox gamers.

See ya' soon!

November Updates

11/2/2010, 10:38 pm by IGR Relapse Fm

So its November, the month of turkey football and more football Very Happy. Anyways here's some things expected this month!!

- A rebirth. New council members and ranks for all still intrested in IGR still.

- Tournament on Halo: Reach Anybody?

I know its kinda short still lol but heres a song of inspiration for you moving forward in IGR.

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September Updates

9/2/2010, 6:42 pm by IGR Relapse Fm

Its been nearly a good 3 months since i've given out any sort of news letter but here we go.

1. There has been a new regiment launched.

Currently a 2 clan gamer only regiment ran by myself, IGR Blake Fm, and IGR OCCK Fm.
This only for the members that qualify as "gamer" (Not in for the clan but to play video games with others).
You may transfer in and out of these clans at anytime …

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June Updates

6/2/2010, 9:37 pm by IGR Relapse Fm

Its summer for most of us and by the end of this month IGR will be 10 months old and the March Madness Promotion will be over!!!

Somethings to be added this month include:
Summer Grifball Tournament (w/ highlights)
IGR 5 Dungeon Gauntlet
IGR Top 10 Halo 3 Plays (commentated by Iceboundseeker or IGR Niemix31 iC)
My Halo 3 help videos (launch expected June 14ish)
IGR Hall of Fame
New playlist if I …

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April/May Update

4/27/2010, 12:25 am by IGR Relapse Fm

I don't think that there really are any updates but here are something that may pop-up in the coming months.

Samurai's H3 Final Map Pack.

A new and improved chatbox system if there are any good ones.

A blue and white theme if i can find a legitimate base of a theme

August will become Amnesty Month (the Site theme will change to IGC Retro) and all past IGR members can return and be placed at …

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Point System Introduction!!!

5/15/2010, 4:46 am by IGR Relapse Fm


The Points are free. You can track your balance under your current post count.

I have now implemented the Point system into our site and is up and operation all here is how you use it.

1. Find the selected thread you would like to "Place a purchase" for an item like a signature or H3 Map.

2. Fill out the specified information

3. Contact a moderator so …

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Alan Wake, finally

5/14/2010, 11:21 am by IGR Niemix31 iC

After being announced in 2005, Alan Wake was a game that seemed like it had all the makings of a classic. If only it would've been released. After 5 whole years, the world only has a little bit longer to wait as it has been announced that the game will in fact be released to the public in the coming months. The dream follows a horror writer named Alan Wake who writes about his worst nightmares, …

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3/8/2010, 1:32 am by IGR Relapse Fm

Hey Guys its IGR Samurai FM/IGR T MiNus. March is March Madness which is a basketball tournament in the NCAA. Well here in IGR There is a little Twist. In IGR March Madness' main goal is to recruit as many of your friends/family that are intrested in joining an xbox live/wii clan. As a great deal this is to our community, you maybe wondering what do i get out of it. Well there are tons of …

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How to post on our site!!

2/3/2010, 11:04 pm by IGR Relapse Fm

For all you retards in the world that dont know how.

your welcome.

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