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    September Updates

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    September Updates Empty September Updates

    Post by IGR Relapse Fm on 9/2/2010, 6:42 pm

    Its been nearly a good 3 months since i've given out any sort of news letter but here we go.

    1. There has been a new regiment launched.

    Currently a 2 clan gamer only regiment ran by myself, IGR Blake Fm, and IGR OCCK Fm.
    This only for the members that qualify as "gamer" (Not in for the clan but to play video games with others).
    You may transfer in and out of these clans at anytime contact your current general or regiment leader to transfer.

    2. Every Month i want to have a Clan battle sort of thing against fellow clans. This is just a friendly or competitive 5 minute slug fest on halo. If you have the ability to record/send voice memos from an iPhone iPod touch or iPad via email that would be really helpful since i wanna do this in an MLG type manner.

    Thats all for now.

    Happy Gaming Relapse.


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